Pakistan don’t care what year it is

Hasan Ali dismisses Suranga Lakmal (via ICC)

Hasan Ali dismisses Suranga Lakmal (via ICC)

“300-plus scores? No, thank you. We’ll just persist with our old approach of bowling the opposition out for slightly less than our own low score, if that’s all right with you.”

Pakistan held South Africa to 219-8 off 50 overs. Sri Lanka managed a whopping 236 all out against them. Pakistan being Pakistan, the latter was almost enough.

But it wasn’t enough.

Pakistan – supposedly the most crisis-raddled of all the sides – swan into the semi-finals like a swan that’s decided to walk even though it has a broken leg.

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18 Appeals

  1. One of your best hover captions yet.

  2. Cracker of a simile too:

    “…swan into the semi-finals like a swan…”


  3. Essex are top of the county championship! TGNW lives yet! TGNW! Cookie! Ravi! Tendo! Westley! Browne!!

    • Meanwhile at Taunton…

      OH GOD NO!!! PLEASE!!! I can’t. It’s even more horrific than yesterday. I’d rather watch a Steve Smith Ashes double-century.

      • Oh and to Adam Lyth too! I feel for you. Had wanted your lot to win the Championship so badly last time out, for history and Tres’s sake. Not on this year.

        I’m astonished Essex are in contention, let alone leading the pack. What year is this again?

    • has Goochie made a comeback?

  4. I see a chap named Nick Gubbins in contention for one of the the England opening slots. Is he a proper opener? Or more of a bits and pieces player?

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