Ray Jennings and Kevin Pietersen find common ground

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In any working relationship, there’s bound to be a degree of friction. The important thing is that you respect each other and are working towards the same goals.

If you have completely different characters, that’s okay, but ideally you’ll have at least one thing in common.

Fortunately for the Bangalore Royal Challengers, their coach, Ray Jennings, and captain, Kevin Pietersen, have got a common interest.

Jennings describes the pastime they share:

“He’s like me – he likes to push fingers up people’s noses.”

In the aftermath of defeat, the Bangalore Royal Challengers’ leadership team may shout and swear at each other for a bit, but they’ll be able to clear the air by indulging in their favourite hobby.

Jennings will shout at Pietersen about a bowling change. Pietersen will shout at Jennings about the side’s preparation for the game. But then Jennings will casually insert a digit into Wasim Jaffer’s nostril and all will be forgotten.

Then Pietersen will forcefully ram his forefinger into Mark Boucher’s nasal cavity and the captain and coach will both temporarily, blissfully overlook the drubbing their side just received.


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  1. Even more worryingly, he pushes fingers – more than one – up people’s noses. And not necessarily his own.

  2. Gus Hiddink has said today that the turn-around by Chelski at half time in last night’s match was due to “getting angry” – do you think fingers were up noses as a team effort (or anywhere else, footballers being an impetuous lot)?

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