Simon Jones, Worcestershire – one to watch in 2009

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Simon Jones, presumably paralysed in an unusual position or summatSimon Jones isn’t one to watch for the reasons you think.

A lot of English (and Welsh) cricket supporters think Simon Jones is England’s Imran Khan or something; a master of fast swing bowling who can destroy any batting line-up. On top of his game, he’s a great bowler, but we can’t help but feel he’s got better and better during his long spells on the sidelines.

As England have floundered, so Jones’ reputation has soared, largely through having no opportunity to bowl a great whack of shod overseas. Maybe he would have been the best bowler in the world over the last four years had he been fit, but the odds are against it.

And he hasn’t been fit. Being fit is important. Other than polishing your unsullied reputation, you can’t do ball all while you’re injured. Simon Jones’ puny little legs can’t carry his artificial gym torso and they repeatedly buckle.

But yet he’s one to watch?

Darn tootin’. Last year Simon Jones cleaned up for Worcestershire. He took 42 wickets at 18. Crucially however, that was in Division Two.

Is Division Two inferior as we have so confidently asserted? That question will be partly answered by Jones’ performance now that Worcestershire have been promoted. Jones’ team mate, Kabir Ali, took 59 wickets at 18.74. We’ll be watching him too.


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  1. Hey, where’s the Chris Woakes 12W?

    Does 12W work? Makes One to Watch sound like a battery… Everything needs branding though…

  2. Generally speaking, we’re against numbers representing words.

    And abbreviations.

    And branding.

  3. the only thing this guy has “going for him” (to be american about it) – is that he sort of looks like Bear Grylls.

  4. Off topic, but I would be interested to know what Ceci, Miriam et al think of Shaun Udall’s remark, reported in yesterday’s Guardian – “Twenty20 is the only form of the game that appeals to young children and ladies”.

  5. It probably appeals to ladies with kids’ brains or vice versa.
    Twenty20 is a travesty and a joke which appeals to intellectually challanged.

  6. Where did Shaun Udal get his extra “l” from, Mrs K-C?

    One from the old school is our Shaun. What a quaint word “ladies” is in that context. And what piffle is the sentiment.

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