Response to England’s fifth Ashes Test squad

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Jonathan Trott, who is being dropped into a deep end infested with piranhas from a great height for his debut, said:

“I’m chuffed.”

Mark Ramprakash, writing on Twitter, (genuinely) said:

“Defecating in a package to send to Geoff Miller.”

Quite bizarrely, Trott seemed to echo Ramps’ thoughts when speaking about how he’d deal with the pressure:

“I’ll try to stay relaxed and let nature take its course.”

It’s the Ashes decider. Of course everyone’s crapping themselves.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Perhaps I should join in the fun by eating the contents of that baked bean tin of mine.

    An intriguing alternative to doing exactly what it says on the tin.

    No, darn it, I’ve just done exactly what it says on the tin, again!!

  2. Good luck Jonathan Trott!

    Anyone eligible for the England team, and good enough, should be given a place. BUT – if England find that the team includes persons not brought up in the county system and/or the development programmes it needs to start asking urgent questions.

    I’d argue the the counties arekept afloat by the England team and the ECB – and in return they are supposed to provide a large pool of talent for the England selectors to choose from. Where are all these new England options? We’re still talking about old players like Ramps and Tresco – and players raised outside the England/Wales system. The counties are failed to keep their side of the bargain; time to dust off some of those reports on the “Reform of English cricket”.

  3. Some of the Counties are doing better than others at developing native talent. Essex, Durham, Yorkshire, and Lancashire are amongst the ones going in the right direction.

  4. Everyone is crapping themselves possibly but I suggest that one player isn’t.

    Ben Hilfenhaus.

    That bloke looks unfazeable.

  5. I tend to find discussion on “native” players borderline racist and this occasion is no different.

    At what point does a person become brought up/not brought up in a county/development system, Adam?

    I saw very little “native” Essex talent on display from Essex last week, 668, unless I am completely misunderstanding the term..

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