Dwayne Smith makes use of his beach cowboy expertise

Arses who aren't Giles Clarke spotted at the cricket

The theme of Twenty20 Finals Day 2009 was The Magnificent Seven on account of it being the seventh Twenty20 Finals Day.

They played music from westerns, there was a bucking bronco thing and there were cowgirls. Between the second semi and the final, the entire Edgbaston crowd recreated the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles.

So Dwayne Smith was very much at home. Okay, so he wasn’t on a beach and there was no merry-go-round steed to bring him to the wicket, but having put in the hard yards earlier in the week, he had an advantage over everyone else and promptly hit many runs off no balls to win the Twenty20 Cup for Sussex.

It was also good to see the beeftain in action. Everyone thinks he’s fantastic, which is underselling him enormously.

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3 Appeals

  1. I think today’s Bangladesh-Zimbabwe match needs a mention. Charles Coventry equalled Saeed Anwar’s ODI record score of 194, but Zimbabwe managed to lose anyway. The real thing of note is the picture of Coventry on Cricinfo’s front page – pointdexterism (pointdexrosity?) epitomised.

  2. “Poindexter” apparently…

  3. Very one-sided matches this year.

    In keeping with the “wild west” theme I suppose; almost all the firepower was on one side in each of the battles.

    Plus of course, the winning “cowboys” will be off to play against some real Indians in the autumn.

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