Reverse swing?

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Yeah? Maybe? 20-odd overs onwards? Bit of something? Yeah?

It’s been a low scoring match; it’s been hard to score; so a bit of movement might make the run chase a bit tense? Yeah?

It’s hard to appear entirely positive when you’re using so many question marks.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. There’s the debacle we were missing,

    Now thoroughly demoralized, they can go out and clinch the 0-5 result they so richly deserve. Well done, lads.

  2. Daisy is busy working her way through conspiracy theories, ranging from match fixing to suppressed personal catastrophe(s).

  3. It’s all just so ridiculous. Remember when Stuart Broad wad considered a potential all rounder?? Is everyone in agreement that his 169 against Pakistan may not have been all it seems??

  4. Aussies could still stuff this up. It’s not like their batsmen are superstars – apart from Clarke.

    1. If England win this Test I’ll be furious. Because they will celebrate, and it will paper over the gigantic cracks of their batting. They need to explain what’s going on, and they need to stop sending young kids out to face the media. After Sydney Flower, Cook and Gooch need to hold a press conference and answer the questions properly.

      Sorry. Bit tired. Carry on.

  5. Fantastic! Even by the standards they’ve been setting this tour, they’ve outdone themselves this time.

  6. I’m at a loss to fathom how the management are escaping any sort of blame for this rubbish. Any other sport they would be out of the picture. Sending Bairstow out to face the cameras after the collapse the other day was nothing short of cowardice too.

    Oddly when Gooch became PART TIME coach (i.e. spending limited time to muck around with players natural abilities) the batting went up a notch or several. Ever since his full time appointment before Sri Lanka, when he’s had more time to ‘coach’, the batting has just slumped to an unacceptable level. Coincidence?

    Also wtf are the other backroom staff up to? These so called ‘strategists’ (I believe Broads sis was one once) Are they even watching any other teams around the world before England tours to get a glimpse of what they are going up against? Or has their Sky sub lapsed?

    1. They might be relying on BT, in which case no-one actually knows how Sky Sports is transmitted. You have to tell them, but then it takes a couple of weeks before they believe you. And even then, they don’t know how to make it work.

      Sp we blame BT for the England cricket team’s recent performances. Only they could create something this bad.

    2. I blame the impending influx of Romanians and Bulgarians.

      Everything wrong about England/Britain is going to be their fault, The Daily Mail tells me, and those fiendish migrants have clearly started making their mischief ahead of time.

      There you go, whatever might have been left of my brain before the Melbourne debacle has now gone completely.

  7. A blame game, love one of those. I blame the Tories and Thatcher. Under the last labour government we did well in the ashes.

  8. The ‘Blame Game’ (not to be confused with the altogether different ‘reasonable analysis and scrutiny of key underlying issues and how to deal with them’ game) is one that England plays better than most. Along with the ‘We have to put it behind ourselves and move on to the next innings/match/series’ game, England are world beaters once again.

    Anyhow it’s only Sri Lanka next for crying out loud. We’ll be back to normal in a few months time and this will all be forgotten about.

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