Ross Taylor is having a fine old time

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The story of the New Zealand v West Indies series seems to be West Indies’ batting collapses. This is odd, because they’re hardly a new phenomenon. It’s also harsh on Trent Boult, who’s a darn tidy bowler.

It’s perhaps even more unfair on Ross Taylor, who has countered everything thrown at him – or occasionally bowled at him – with disdain. He’s averaging almost 250 in the series after scoring two hundreds and an unbeaten double. Overall, his Test average now stands at 47.49. In New Zealand, where batting tends to be rather tricky, he averages over 60.

It also sounds like he’s a colossal cricket nerd, which isn’t a bad thing. This is how he got away from the pressure of his innings during the lunch break:

“Peter Fulton had the Almanack out and I was answering the questions and it was nice to just get away from it.”

In the evenings, he plays Brian Lara Cricket to unwind. Probably.


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    1. Pretty odd. Jacques is having a bit of a wobble, but he’s not really the duck-out kind. Maybe he’s a bit ill. Maybe they just fancy having Faf in early with him being Mr Deadbat. Or maybe Jacques is tired from bowling 34 overs in the match.

    2. Yep. Lots of overs for Kallis and lots of keeping for AB. Not sure why they didn’t bring Duminy out though ..

  1. Big Jacques may have bowled 35 overs but has only faced one ball so he can’t be that tired. But they still moved him ahead of duminy and de villiers. Or let faf block and accumulate then let the rest go one day mode if the wins on.

    Also emailed in my encounter with a cricket celeb today. When did my life change to this on a Saturday night??!

    1. That’s you? We’d always assumed that Soviet Onion was your real name. Maybe it is. Maybe the other one’s the pseudonym.

    1. That was unexpected. Swann retiring, that is. International cricket will lose a wonderful spinner and wonderfuler character.

    2. Spinners usually have a bit more longevity and I wonder if he’s gone too soon. Definitely one of the harder holes for England to fill. Which I definitely don’t mean in THAT way.

    3. Cricinfo says Swann has retired from International and first class cricket. BBC says he has retired from all cricket.

      The former infers that he’ll carry on milking the T20 circuit for a while. The latter infers that he will not (or that the BBC does not consider T20 to be cricket).

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