Ross Taylor hits fastest Test hundred by a New Zealander

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Ross Taylor plays quite a flukey contextual masterpieceAre breathtaking innings all about how many sixes are hit and how few balls are faced?

Ross Taylor’s 81-ball hundred against Australia wouldn’t even be half as good as Yusuf Pathan’s 37-ball IPL hundred if that were the case. Clearly, it’s all about context.

A DLF Maximum is commonplace. In Twenty20, batsmen are obliged to score very quickly. In Test cricket, you have a choice – which makes innings like Taylor’s more audacious and more absorbing.

It’s been a low-scoring match and Taylor wasn’t short of time. He was also up against five international bowlers, rather than the one or two you get in the IPL. What does he do? He chances his arm. There’s such a broad scope as to what a player might do in a Test match – that’s the context.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. It was on a very good test pitch as well, something in it for both the batsmen and the bowlers.

    made a pleasant change!

  2. Ross Taylor has looked to be one of the best young(ish) batsman in Test cricket for a while now. He’s just unlucky he plays for New Zealand and therefore has so much pressure on his shoulders every time he goes out to bat. Alternatively you could argue he’s lucky since it has probably meant he has had more of an opportunity to learn at Test match level.

  3. He was dropped three times and got many boundaries via edges – Yusuf’s strikes were all clean.

    Does this make me an IPL chastity protector?

  4. We’re talking ‘good’ in terms of entertainment value, not in terms of how well he played.

    We’re saying that despite being slower and featuring fewer sixes, we think Taylor’s innings was probably more exciting.

  5. Miriam, its not available on TV so there is nowt wrong with streaming it. If KC doesn’t mind a link be posted I will do so.

  6. It was a 20/20 innings with as Risbah says the attendant lucky slogs and sitters being dropped. Taylor looked like he just didn’t give a toss what happened to the game or his wicket.

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