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We know what you all think. You think we spend our Thursdays sitting around eating flapjacks and watching old episodes of Airwolf.

Well you’re wrong. We don’t renounce cricket on Thursdays. Far from it. We actually put in a double shift, writing all the stuff that comes out on a Friday.

First of all, Cricket Badger. It’s the 100th edition tomorrow, so we’ll gratefully accept your warm applause. We’ll also overlook the fact that cricket demands people clap for everything, devaluing the whole hand percussion appreciation noise immensely. You can and should sign up here. There is nothing to lose but a small amount of whoever provides your email account’s server space. Also time.

Secondly, the Cricinfo Twitter round-up. Yes, that still happens. It happens like heck, whatever that might mean. This week’s should appear in a prominent position on the homepage soon, but you can also find it on our author page. It’ll remain accessible there even when it’s been demoted and replaced by an Ed Smith think piece about why form is a myth.

And now we have to go somewhere and eat things. Possibly drink things too. Who knows? Life is unpredictable.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. It’s nothing special, but we do feel obliged to persist in existing so that we can publish all the match reports we get sent.

  1. Let’s hear it for a century of Badgery of Cricket
    For Friday morning merriment it really is the ticket
    A hundred weekly episodes is something fit for cheers
    It works out as a fraction short of two embadgered years

    I just can’t wait for it to hit my inbox with a crunch
    At least in part because it lets me know it’s nearly lunch
    Its arrival is guaranteed to make me raise a smirk
    Without it there’s a decent chance I’d have to do some work

    Quotations from test match stars and other famous faces
    Anecdotes of cricketers found in abnormal places
    So thanks KC for all these laughs, but may I say Your Maje…
    …sty, that it is bloody hard to find a rhyme for Badger

    1. But for that to work it would have to be called Cricket Bedger, and there’s no such thing as a cricket bedger. In fact, I’m not entirely certain that there is any such thing as a bedger of any type.

      You can’t go around trying to make rhymes out of words which obviously don’t rhyme. Before you know it we’d have people rhyming “eye” with “symmetry”.

    2. Honoured.

      So honoured in fact, that we’re going to do a CTRL-C shortly before CTRL-V-ing it into next week’s Badger.

      Thanks enormously.

  2. Having now slept on this, I think that ledger does rhyme with badger, if you speak a little like Prince Charles or Phillip. In those mouths, the words sound more like “bidger” and “lidger”. But then those chaps are mere princes; KC is a centurion king.

    So, here is my limerick. Imagine it spoken in the appropriate accent.

    There was a centurion named Badger,
    Who in truth was a bit of a cadger;
    He’d procure match reports,
    Which resulted in noughts,
    In the sales list of one’s debtors ledger.

    1. Indeed Ged. I have always know it – I am royalty. The lack of money, land, or fame and having to actually work for a living had always seemed to indicate to me that I wasn’t, but I now realize the error of my ways.

      Dear Bert, ‘Eye’ does rhyme with ‘Symmetry’. You’d be able to see it if you were not a commoner.

  3. can you confirm the rumour that Page-2 has been completely exterminated except for Andy Zaltzman? #WhySoSerious

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