Something about Steven Finn that isn’t really worth saying

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We’ve been meaning to say this since the middle of the last Test, but having just seen “Steven Finn can provide England with the answer to Chanderpaul problem | Mike Selvey” on our home page, we’ve realised we’ve probably missed our window.

Unfazed, we’re going to say our bit anyway. We’ll read Selvey’s piece in a minute and gauge the exact degree of pointlessness of this post.

Basically, our point boils down to the following. England’s method of bowling ‘dry’ and waiting for mistakes is all well and good against human batsmen who actually make mistakes, but it’s largely pointless against Shivnarine Chanderpaul. They need a bowler with a bit of something extra who might actually be able to make life uncomfortable for him and Steven Finn might be that man.

That’s it really. Not particularly interesting and not particularly insightful. We’re off to Trent Bridge tomorrow, so we’re kind of slacking off in anticipation. Blame that.


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  1. Yeah, Selvey says much the same thing in the middle of a proper match preview. This post is almost entirely pointless.

    Bet The Guardian’s cricket correspondent hasn’t just realised he has satay sauce on his nose either.

    You win again, Selvey!

  2. It is a elegant, simple hypothesis. But I think it overstates the Shiv problem. He will fail eventually, limpets (Cook, Dravid etc.) all do fail one day and, if not, England’s policy of getting the fella at the other end is working ok. I happen to agree, that Finn is probably a better choice than Bressie Lad at the moment, but two fifties, one of them unbeaten, by Chanderpaul is not a crisis.
    Yes, I know he has got runs before, and many of them recently. But England have done the same with wickets

  3. I have always been of the opinion that the best way to deal with Chanderpaul is to get the other 10 guys on his team out.

    1. It’s either that or sneaking crab pots onto the pitch, and I doubt the umpires would approve of the latter.

    2. They seem to be doing just that Micko. The Windies batting performance is as cringeworthy as watching low grade club cricket.
      And now I see that England is resorting to attacking his cruets. If that’s the way things are going to be expect no complaints when Steyn and co perform amatuer dentistry later in the summer.

  4. Following the match on the web instead of paying attention on a training course and everytime I see a wicket go down I know who it isn’t.

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