The best advert featuring a cricketer EVER

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There isn’t one part of this advert that isn’t amazing. It is the world’s first 100% amazing advert.

It's HOW you bury sheep that matters

The slogan’s baffling and surreal and amazing. The picture’s less baffling, but still surreal and amazing. Even the boast ‘SA’s #1 Hand Tool Brand’ is amazing, because just how hotly contested is that title?

Ceci sent this majestic thing in.

She writes:

“This is an advert from a South African cricket mag.  It’s entirely un-photoshopped and is utterly mysterious. Why is Kallis looking so keen and eager?  Is sheep burying his hobby, or is it – like Steyn’s crocodile wrestling – the mark of a Saffer man; the number of sheep he can bury in an hour?”

Girl in uniform handling toolWebco Tools’ website doesn’t quite live up to this promise, but it’s still pretty amazing. They know their target market, as proven by their use of images such as the one on the right.

Bet you’d like to bury sheep with her, eh?

Eh? Eh?



  1. Another top performance from our batsmen today. 43/5 off 15 overs.

    The bastards have ruined my weekend before it’s begun and I might have to reconsider my sofa plans for Sunday.

  2. If only I’d waited another half hour. Would have sounded so much more emphatic at 68/8

  3. Strange…I’ve always thought Kallis more bovine than ovine. Perhaps it’s the way he moves his not inconsiderable jaw while batting.

  4. Sheep burying, ROFL. Wtf’s happening in SA? If you put up stuff like this, you’ll join the Brits who lost out on getting a chance to host the IPL.

  5. Really? Even in NZ the Sheep burying ratio is a pretty specialist measure of quality, strength and originality. It’s not the sort of thing you see referred to outside the pages of Livestock Undertakers Monthly.

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