Chris Gayle hits a six we wouldn’t believe if we hadn’t just seen it

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Chris Gayle - 'red ink, schmed ink, I'm having fun'Chris Gayle developed a taste for clearing the ropes in his 43 ball 80, but one six in particular was more ludicrous than the other seven.

England were so dead, rigor mortis had set in and it’s easier to play freely in that situation, but this shot was stupendous. James Anderson bowled a bouncer and Gayle backed away. While he was still moving – retreating AWAY from the ball – he attempted what could only be described as an upwards flail.

Normally you’d miss. On a good day, you’d get a thin edge to the keeper. On a VERY good day, you’d succeed in lifting it to deep backward point.

Chris Gayle managed to punish the ball 90m into the crowd.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Being british I’ve always had hope, hope that no mater how shit England play we will somehow return triumphant in the next game. Like some kind of stiff upper lipped pheonix.

    Is it just me or has this series just compeletly pissed on that hope.

    That was a phat six though, ph, not f.

  2. Like a urine-smelling flood. I’m an eternal optimist and yet an eternal pessimist at the same time. Too many painful days.

    The thing that gets my goat most is I reckon they’re ready to go home after a disasterous winter and can’t be bothered with these last few matches. Homesick and tired in the words of KP, and yet he will be more than happy to jet off to SA for IPL little more than 10 days after getting home.

    I really hope King Strauss and Flower make some brutal changes for Sunday just to give them a well-needed kick up the arse.

  3. The lds are mentally and physically stuffed.
    There is no way they are going to win any game in Windies now.
    Ashes ?? Heaven knows.

  4. Well we know Pietersen is the Ego, are all the rest of the squad the Ids, or is there a super-ego as well?

  5. In a world where nothing makes sense from one match to the next……..

    ….just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sand pit/paddling pool………………

    Barbados 2 – Revenge of the Ids.

    (I mean lads).

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