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Chris Gayle flat out less than a third of the way to 333

Chris Gayle didn’t make it to 400. People might think that just because a batsman’s hit 333, he’s more than likely to get another 67, but it doesn’t work like that. Batsmen aren’t robots. They get knackered.

Batting isn’t like triathlonnery, but it is tiring and it does go on a bit. We’ve been to Sri Lanka. One day out in the sun floors you, even if you’re inactive. Two days of any kind of activity must be bloody murder, so well played Chris Gayle.

Even Graham Gooch couldn’t get more than 333 and he did it in England with superior facial furniture to sustain him. Four years ago, we wrote a post about Graham Gooch’s 333 against India. It seems very dated now.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I liked – “Batting isn’t like triathlonnery, but it is tiring and it does go on a bit.”

    A friend of mine invented the triathlon when we were young. He was swimming in the canal when he saw a pushbike on the towpath, so he got out and nicked it, and then ran off when the police came. He was pretty tired out after that, and he didn’t have a moustache. I can’t imagine what doing a full triathlon with a moustache must be like – the weeds that must get caught in it during the initial canal swim would slow you down considerably, almost certainly resulting in a conviction for theft. So well done Graham Gooch.

  2. I once had a dream (although Spiderman didn’t feature…) that finished with me looking at a cricket scorecard. On the scorecard it became clear that Chris Gayle had beaten Australia singlehandedly in an ODI chasing 350 – Gayle getting all 350. Clearly he is capable of great feats.

  3. I was a bit disappointed to see that no one had left a comment on your Gooch post, so I’ve left one.

  4. Highly inaccurate despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

    Not just my cricket memory I’m afraid.

  5. Goochy has just bobbed up saying the English are not here for the beer, sun or beaches. Same as they weren’t in 1991.

  6. Would 333 be “the number of the radioactive beast” after one half-life had elapsed?

    Perhaps 668 could comment on this important factor. Or failing that, perhaps Bruce Dickinson would care to express a view.

  7. You said it right Fred (!), it is a tired old statement of the bleeding obvious. I mean, who the hell ever goes to Australia for the beer. People leave Australia for the beer.

  8. Gooch shouldn’t play down the beaches. Four years ago, the legends beach cricket competition, in which Gooch captained England, was the most important cricket tournament being played in Australia.

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