The Perundi being conspicuously indifferent to a letter signed by Sir Don Bradman‏

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Tom sent us a photo of a cat named The Perundi who he was temporarily looking after over the festive period.

“Here you can see the cat showing significantly more attention to the radiator than to a nearby letter, signed by no less a man than the late, great Sir Don Bradman.”

The Perundi doesn't give a toss

But that’s not all.

“Out of shot, Sky are showing David Warner carving yet another medium-paced long-hop over gully for four.”

Tom also highlights a clear difference between man and cat.

“I considered taking another, less awkward, shot, but got distracted by the cricket.”

The Perundi would NEVER be guilty of that.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Wow. There is much in this post that at first glance doesn’t seem to make any sense, that runs contrary to normality. Questions arise which cry out for explanation. To save time, I’ll just write them as truncated statements with question marks at the end.

    The Perundi?

    A letter from Don Bradman?

    Distracted by watching David Warner?

    1. … the plate of biscuits and (perhaps?) a pork pie on the shelf to the left of the DVDs?

      You’re right, Bert, a veritable confusion of questions.

    2. I’m quite sure the “pork pie” is actually 1/3 of a packet of digestives, with the rest of the packet twisted and wrapped around the far side to preserve the remainder.

      You can trust me on this, I’ve long been involved with biscuit forensics.

    3. That would be a shame. Not just the pork pie shortage, but also finding out that my pork pie radar has developed a serious malfunction. I’ll be getting scotch eggs confused with macaroons, next.

  2. Don Bradman, big deal. What did he ever do for cricket?

    KC, may I have all records and memory of Test history un-erased again please?


    1. Maybe The Perundi is aware that Bradman is overrated; he never played against anyone other than England and a poor SA, and never toured the subcontinent. Even the man himself knew that Sachin Tendulkar was better than he was, he even said so! A letter signed by the Little Master would never be dismissed in so casual a fashion.

      Or alternatively, The Perundi is aware that ‘late’ people can’t sign anything, and he has dismissed the letter as a simple forgery.

  3. Accepting that sites linking to other sites is now simply part of the deal…

    …”The Perundi” is a googlewack.

    Very rare these days, folks, very rare indeed.

    Especially with the word “the” as one of the pair.

  4. Piers Morgan famously boasts of his correspondence with The Don. I’d hate to think that this bastion of respect for human dignity has been infiltrated by a Morgan sock puppet. Tell me it isn’t so.

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