What did David Warner do to his room in Brisbane?

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If you don’t know David Warner, he made his debut for Australia this week and hefted six sixes in hitting the second-fastest Twenty20 international fifty. He ended up with 89 off 43 balls.

After the game, a reporter asked him if he felt pigeon-holed as a Twenty20 player?

“In a way, yeah, time will tell. I might get a game this year, I might not.”

When he says ‘a game’, he means a first-class game, because thus far David Warner hasn’t actually played first-class cricket. It was a pretty feeble question really.

More importantly, however, David Warner was suspended from Australia’s Centre of Excellence because his room in Brisbane was all crudded up.

He liked to store his food on the floor and apparently there were “marks” on the floor and walls. We don’t know any more about these mysterious “marks” but we’re intrigued. It’s so wilfully vague…


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  1. But may he have smeared him self on Warner’s walls?

    (I’ve just made a little bit of sick come up in my mouth)

  2. I was a friend of Dave’s at this time while he was in Brisbane.

    Ever walked into a boys flat ?? Their version of clean is always different to that of a cleaner. It also being the Top room of the place, all the boys would choose to hang out there. Creating more mess.

    Marks on the wall.. wear and tear people.

    Food on the floor – never that I saw. Left on the bench – yeah but who doesn’t.

    They got a hard deal on this, and everyone around who lived there thought so.

    They were made an example of. An unfair example of.

    As for which room was the the messy one, if any – Take a guess with your comments – Dave was not the slob.

  3. Thanks ‘a friend of his’.

    Can’t you make something up to make the story more colourful though?

  4. Of course, Brisbane is in that tropically hot part of Aussieland, so i suspect that David Warner used to like to do that old party trick of using a magnifying glass/mirror to reflect the sunlight streaming through the window onto particular spots on the floor, upon which you fry an egg and cook various accompanying delicacies by the light of the sun alone.

    Unfortunately, this cooking technique does tend to leave marks on the floor.

    If you attempt same technique on the walls, it is much harder to cook the food but you do still tend to get marks.

    If I were a betting man I’d put money on my explanation being 110% accurate.

  5. I new David really well and when I found out he had gotten kicked out I just couldn’t believe it! David is a neat person and is very clean! Boys will be boys as I always say.. He had other guys from the Academy in the room all the time.. He wasn’t the person who made all that mess.. And i know.

  6. Another Friend Of His made all the mess in David Warner’s room at Brisbane Academy. You heard it here first.

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