Who is James Tomlinson?

A James Tomlinson, not THE James TomlinsonEverybody’s asking. We’ve already told you.

James Tomlinson was our mate at school. We played cricket using a fire grate as stumps. James spent a period carrying a small piece of fabric around in his pencil case. He said it was a dog. He said the dog was called ‘Turbo’.

Oh, you mean the James Tomlinson who took 8-46 for Hampshire against Somerset yesterday? We’ve no idea who he is.

We’re sure we’ve let his dad down in some way as well as our James Tomlinson’s dad. We feel we disappointed our James Tomlinson’s dad by never playing cricket for England. We’re not sure how we’ll have let Hampshire James Tomlinson’s dad down, but we will have done somehow. It’s very much odds-on.

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  1. Sod. That, I want to know Who’s Newton?
    (sorry, completely non-cricket….)

  2. (impeccable grammar as ever, Ne…..)

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