Wicketkeepers open the batting in one-day internationals – apparently

England are always on the lookout for a wicketkeeper who can bat and particularly one who can open the batting in one-day internationals. This is because Adam Gilchrist opens the batting for Australia in one-day internationals and Australia are better than England and therefore must be copied in EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY.

No matter that Australia wanted an aggressive opener and their best wicketkeeper batsman just happened to be one. That’s not important. The important thing is that you win one-day internationals by having a wicketkeeper at the top of the order. That’s just the way it is. Knowing England’s luck, they’ll find a decent wicketkeeper-opener and Australia will change to a first-change bowler/opening batsman. Always behind the times, England.

What a player does while his side are fielding is of CRUCIAL importance when selecting your opening batsmen.

England are currently flirting with Philip Mustard.

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3 Appeals

  1. Kieswetter is now opening for Somerset. Apparently, he’s better than Justin Langer.

    The power of the wickie.

  2. King Cricket

    August 28, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    We heard that Kieswetter’s fluent golden duck vastly overshadowed Langer’s scratchy 92 in yesterday’s match.

  3. I can vouch for that.

    The golden duck had class and surprise. Langer’s 92 just involved hitting the ball a lot. Where’s the class or surprise in that?

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