Adam Gilchrist opening the batting and scoring hundreds – still

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Not long now, one-day bowlers of the world... not longIt would be tempting to look on this as Adam Gilchrist‘s final international hundred, but the interminable Commonwealth Bank Series is going to provide him with a few more opportunities yet.

Australia have played Sri Lanka twice and beaten them twice now, but they still get to play two more matches against them and two more against India before the best of three finals. After that, we’ll DEFINITELY know which the best team is. Or not – England (clearly the worst team of the three) won it last year after Australia and New Zealand got bored and dozed off.

Also in this match, Lasith Malinga took some wickets and Kumar Sangakkara showed that he still loves batting against Australia unlike any of his team mates.

We’re going away for the weekend. That’s why we’ve slipped into perfunctory mode.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I still cant accept why he is retiring. He has some cricket left in him. I think its the lucrative IPL lurking around that is making players like him and Stephen Fleming take earlier retirement…

    Money is huge when it comes to IPL….I guess bigger than their desire to play for the country…

  2. Unlike some other players, I can’t see Gilchrist jacking it in for the money. Much as I dislike him for the amount of anguish he’s caused me over the years, he’s a proud Aussie and a sportsman.

    He’s won everything there is to win — he’s probably getting pretty bored.

    “Oh look, there’s Sri Lanka, I’ll just score another infuriatingly good hundred”…*yawn*

    Grrrrrrr to you, Gilly.

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