Australia lose to Zimbabwe

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hayden.jpgWhat’s this in our underwear? It’s urine. It’s gallons and gallons of urine produced during uncontrollable laughter at how Australia lost to Zimbabwe in the Twenty20 World Cup.

It’s been a long time since anyone’s really been able to remark upon an Australian defeat. There was England’s win in the Commonwealth Bank Series, but you always got the feeling it was going to be sandwiched between Australian victories in the Ashes and the World Cup and sure enough it was.

This is like a freebie though. No-one should lose to Zimbabwe. If you played Zimbabwe along with three mates on the local school field, Zimbabwe would run themselves out, then bowl wides and your three mates would hate you for making them waste a perfectly good afternoon.

Hopefully they won’t beat England now or that paragraph’s going to come back to haunt us.

Anyway. Live in the moment. To Australia’s rampant six-hitters! [Raises empty mug in solitary toast, thus realising that there is kettle work to be done.]


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. May i just say that you guys are clearly underrating the Zimbabweans. Ray Mali, the president of the ICC, said that in three years they could be the number one side in the world. So this could be a changing of the guard. So let me tell you the new world order of cricket.

    The ICC rankings 2010

    Zimbabwe (cause ray said so)
    Bangladesh (they love it so)
    Kenya (great flag)
    South Africa (can’t wait to see taibu say to gibbs you just dropped the cup)
    West Indies (how cool is chris gayle)
    Ireland (at least they try)
    Australia (average age of team 46)
    England (well, its england)
    New zealand (unable to fill a team)

    Pakistan and India are wiped out due to a nuclear war.

  2. How about something along the lines of the new Aussie kit makes the overtly large bear/man combo look even more rediculous than ever before.

    I’m sorry cricket Austrialia that kit would have been unacceptable in a Cher video from the eighties

  3. I am on holiday so mustn’t grumble, but am going to anyway. Australia, are beaten by Zimbabwe, Bangladesh tonk the Windies all the way home … and I can’t get any live commentary to listen to, not on the internet or on any of the 700-plus channels on the digital radio. This is a major flaw with the world.

  4. damn i knew i’d forget one, put them above south africa, just because of the 2003 world cup, and because the only time i really like the sri lankans is when they beat south africa.

    i support australia and any team that beats south africa.

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