In 2015, Lord’s is hosting the first Test between England and New Zealand, the second Ashes Test between England and Australia and the second one-day international (ODI) against Australia.

  • England v New Zealand, 1st Test, Thursday July 21
  • England v Australia, 2nd Test, Thursday July 16 to Monday July 20
  • England v Australia, ODI, Saturday September 5

You will be able to buy tickets here if they’ve already sold out on the Lord’s ticket website.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lord’s Cricket Ground is situated in St John’s Wood in north London and is generally considered to be ‘the home of cricket’ on account of it being the home of the MCC, who have traditionally controlled the laws of cricket.

This cricket ground was actually the third built by Thomas Lord and was built in 1814. The playing surface is famed for having a pronounced slope, which means that bowlers’ deliveries will typically seam either into or away from the batsman, depending on which end the delivery is bowled from.

The capacity is currently 32,000, which makes it the largest of England’s Test cricket grounds. However, tickets are greatly in demand and are normally allocated through a ballot. Lord’s is also famed for the distinctive media centre, which was built before the World Cup which was held in England in 1999.

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