Ajit Agarkar: Seriously, what is the point?

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If you’re only going to pick four bowlers in a one-day game, you’d think you’d want four good ones. Yet in an era where India’s pace bowling resources have never run deeper, there’s been one conspicuous survivor from an earlier period. Ajit Agarkar.

His survival is inexplicable. Even more inexplicable is the fact that his record stands up to scrutiny. Okay, maybe the latter explains the former, but have you seen the man bowl recently? How you can take 281 wickets at 27.66 bowling sub-medium-pace leg-side wides, we don’t know.

Agarkar used to bowl quite quickly, but not any more. He’s also without guile or accuracy. There’s been a long-standing rumour that he’s an all-rounder. He does have a Test hundred against England to his name, although with no Test fifties and only three one-day international fifties from 110 innings, that century screams ‘statistical aberration’ in a hoarse but insistent voice.


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  1. from this comment,i understand you are not at all having any knowledge about cricket.Ajit Agarkar is a legend. damn you!

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