Cricket bats – the three best

These are the best bats you can buy, according to our employer, The Wisden Cricketer.

Kookaburra Big Kahuna

The name of this bat might be a bit laughable, but it’s good enough for Ricky Ponting and he’s probably quite fussy about the quality of his bats, you’d imagine.

Huge, yet light, the Big Kahuna has whopping power and TWC rated it the best bat made by the big four manufacturers (Kookaburra, Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls and Slazenger). It doesn’t look too bad either, if you’re bothered about that kind of thing.

The Kookaburra Big Kahuna

Puma Stealth 4000

This won TWC’s award for best bat from what they termed ‘the major players’. It has a big old sweet spot and is well balanced to boot. We like pumas and we like the concept of ‘stealth’ as well, so we’re won over.

This bat narrowly beat another animal in the major players category, ‘The Grizzly’ by Newbery – so named, because it was designed by Chris Adams.

The Puma Stealth 4000

Warsop Venom Pro

Warsop’s Venom Pro came out top of what you’d probably call the ‘best of the rest’ section of TWC’s bat reviews. You may not have heard of Warsop, but their gear was well-regarded in the tests and the Venom Pro got a full five stars (as did The Big Kahuna and The Stealth 4000)

We haven’t got a link to a product page, as yet, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a top drawer bat, albeit one with ‘big edges’ according to TWC, which sounds like it could prove troublesome.


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