Is Bumrah ever-living?

This is the question everyone’s asking. Mumm-Ra was ever-living – and therefore presumably still is. It therefore stands to reason that Jasprit Bumrah is ever-living too, what with his name sounding slightly similar and all.

Bumrah bowled well in the 15-over-a-side Asia Cup Final. He did a lot to ensure India won, if they won. If they lost, he can’t be blamed.

We could just wait an hour to see who wins the match, but the truth is life’s short for those of us who aren’t ever-living. We’ve got to crack on with the day (eating roast, maybe drinking some wine, watching telly).

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5 Appeals

  1. He’s obviously also a sprite, going by his name, so probably. Possibly the sort of sprite who makes jars really difficult to open.

  2. He was also the bad guy in ‘Thunderpants‘.


    Am mildly incandescent at the county cricket revamp.

    Apparently, because Division 2 “isn’t proper cricket” anymore, it’s okay for them to have a champtionship decided on a “not everyone plays everyone else home and away” basis. That’s some kind of heresy, but I don’t know if there is a posh Latin or Greek name for it.

  4. Hooray, we’re getting less first-class cricket so that the T20s can get more and better slots! This is a brilliant idea that won’t dilute the best format of cricket for the expense of short-term gain in the slightest!

    Brad Haddin Giles Clarke Matthew Hayden…

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