Is this pitch spongy, Dhoni?

This pitch has got rice and crumbs stuck to it

MS Dhoni said that New Zealand beat India by 200 runs in a one-day game because the pitch was a bit spongy. We presume he meant it was like the sponge above, rather than being like those jelly creatures that race along the sea floor at speeds of up to 4mm per day.

Sri Lanka are playing New Zealand on the same pitch today. Let’s see how they fare. A spongy pitch isn’t so bad.

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7 Appeals

  1. That’s a picture of a scourer, KC. Admittedly a spongy scourer. But not a sponge.

  2. Leaping to His Majesty’s defense, it is a scourer and sponge, or wash pad, see below.

    Scourers without the sponge are available so I feel your normally laudable pedantry is misplaced.

  3. Can’t see the King having much knowledge of scourers really – think he lives on Royal Pot Noodles

  4. Ceci, His Maj is an acomplished cook.Pot noodles are not on his menu.
    That is a scoury sponge .

  5. I thought his Majesty was referring to a Victoria with cream and strawberry jam

  6. I shouldn’t have said that, now I will be up all night

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