The mascot race on Twenty20 finals day 2010

Do you think he's okay?

We missed Twenty20 finals day this year. We’ve read loads of reports, but we haven’t found the most important piece of information.

Who won the mascot race? How did Lanky do?

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8 Appeals

  1. Triumphant !! and accompanied by a galloping Bumble singing OOOO Lanky – Lanky Lanky Lanky Lankysheeeeeer. The rest was anticlimax quite frankly

  2. Surprisingly Lanky won it! Very comfortable in the end for Lanky – Bumble was pleased! But Pinky the Panther (deserved winner / moral victor) was robbed!

  3. Please let me die peacefully before this totally replaces Test cricket.

  4. The Leics and Durham mascots had obviously been spying on Lanky’s training – they didn’t even bother turning up!

  5. There was no ebb and flow to the mascot race. Instant gratfication sportsnare not for me.

    If the event was held over five days, perhaps it would be a decent quality contest and hold my interest.

  6. King Cricket

    August 16, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    And it’s never challenging enough. It’s just about who’s the quickest when really it should be about whether the mascots can get round at all.

    The balance between course and giraffe needs addressing so it isn’t just about scoring an easy run.

  7. Mascot Hole in the Wall?

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