Mandira Bedi, IPL presenter on ITV4, has a high percentage of her face taken up by eyes

It’s astonishing. We’d say that around 10 per cent of Mandira Bedi’s face is eyes.

That’s an unusually high percentage, particularly when you consider she’s only got two of them.

Mandira Bedi warns everyone that she's thinking about having a blink

Imagine if she had three!

Also worth imagining is what she’d look like if she attempted the patented Damien Martyn ‘I can see into your soul’ technique.

Mandira Bedi would be able to see into your soul through a brick a wall from three miles away.

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26 Appeals

  1. Big eyes tend to be very attractive, as long as they stay nicely embedded in their eye sockets. Protruding eyes are not attractive at all. Mandira Bedi has a very attractive face.

    Damien “Omen II” Martyn’s eyes are not very large. He has resorted to straining his eyelids open in an attempt to enlarge his eyes. This never, ever works, as it forces the eyebrows into strange shapes, which makes him look slightly mad. He isn’t helped by having hair that makes him look slightly mad, and a smile that makes him look slightly mad. In facial features calculus, three slightlies equals one stark-raving.

  2. you should have seen her when she presented IPL 1 on Set Max…many more BIG body parts were on view then. And both were equally well projected…Nigella would have blushed.

  3. i recently got a UK visa, and they wanted passport size photos with atleast 80% of the pic covered by only the face. To each his own i guess.

  4. During the ten minutes or so of IPL coverage I’ve seen so far, Miss (Mrs? Ms?) Bedi was wearing a strapless dress. One of the cuts showed her from the bare shoulders up.

    It was as though an attractive naked woman was talking about cricket.

    I had to pinch myself. Then I remembered that it was only the IPL.

    • If IPL needs credit and India want to honour its women>get rid of the stupid nake woman who know very little cricket.

  5. Google her name. See if you can get past image 9.

  6. i just typed her name into google images.

    holy skimpy bikinis, batman.

  7. Well now. Those are the second lot of big hits I’ve seen today, BECAUSE:

    Hayden has brungeth forth the mongoose!! KAGOOOSE, he yelleth whilst he smite!!

  8. Even for you King, some of your posts of late have been increasingly irreverent. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing of course, just slightly concerned.

    Is everything ok at home?

  9. Just google’d her. In images, that’s not the same woman is it?

  10. King Cricket

    March 19, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    It’s the IPL. Brings out the irreverence in us.

    Don’t know if you ever visited the old site, but we pretty much never talked about cricket on there.

    Halcyon days.

  11. Last weekend, when I first caught sight of Mandira Bedi, I called out to Daisy:

    “you must come and see this glamorous woman hosting the IPL show. She looks like a cross between Betty Boop and Shilpa Shetty.”

    Nearly a week later, I don’t think I could better that assessment.


    • Please Please Get rid of the silly woman on ITV$. She is putting off cricket. Get Mr Sunny, Dada or some great cricketer as a commentary. I think majority of the people do not want to see a pretty (If that what you call pretty) woman on telly

  12. Mrs Graeme Hick

    March 19, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I have to introduce a sour grapes note here – but she talks a load of rubbish. You haven’t actually been listening to her of course – just drooling in a soppy lustful daze. Pah!

  13. I like her haircut.

  14. King Cricket –


    How are you pronouncing that?

  15. King Cricket

    March 19, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    The same as everyone else, why?

  16. To add to your collection of memorable IPL commentary moments – Geoffrey Dujon on a tremendous wallop by Pathan “He couldn’t have middled that any middleder”

  17. King Cricket

    March 19, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    That’s exquisite.

  18. Nice screen grabs there, KC. A truly karbon kamaal catch.

  19. “It’s astonishing. We’d say that around 10 per cent of Mandira Bedi’s face is eyes.

    That’s an unusually high percentage, particularly when you consider she’s only got two of them.”

    It occurs to me that ‘face’ and ‘eyes’ could be replaced by other words.

  20. does anyone know that viewers can talk to the team cheerleaders @ Rs.10 pm?
    atleast in India, this scrolls across the bottom of the screen AT ALL TIMES.
    maybe Lalit is nudging us slowly towards making IPL4 really really EXCITING by running a tented brothel outside each venue. Would Lays be interested in naming rights for that?


  22. Her dresses are fine – it’s her startled rabbit auto-cue reading and lack of ad-libbing finesse that does her down.

    Betty Boop meets Shilpa Shetty. Not bad Ged. And yes nice haircut.

  23. That was a good one Ceci – didn’t have any kind of photo to illustrate it so went with this inaccuracy instead.

  24. Is is too much to ask ITV4 to instruct its reporters covering the IPL to avoid, at all times, interviewing crickets whilst the game is taking place. It is unnecessary and discourteous to viewers. I have no comment to make on attractive female cricket presenters.

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