Meet Darren Gough

This is the second competition to meet a cricketer. It is appearing here largely because we want to publish a picture of Darren Gough with a pork pie in his hand.

Darren Gough with a pie

The competition is over at The Mirror. The prize is actually pretty damn good: tickets to the first two days of all five Ashes Tests and Darren Gough’s sat with you on each of the first days. That could well be quite entertaining.

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5 Appeals

  1. Understand why you said it was less sophisticated now.

  2. Sachin who?

  3. I used to like Darren Gough until I read this article on a flight the other day:

    Robbie Williams and Westlife – What is he, a teenage girl?

  4. I wonder if he got to keep that shirt. Unless it was one he owned already.

  5. I suspect quite a bit of airbrushing on that pic – the piece of pie is FAR too minute for the Dazzler to be bothering with – and since when has he been svelte? The watch is about the right size though (humongous)

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