Not so statistically aberrant or statistically abhorrent

Mike Hussey's average falls faster than an ice skating stilt walkerWe’ve long had a problem with Mike Hussey’s ludicrous batting average. Finally, after a long wait, South Africa have started dragging it back towards being something more sensible.

Hussey now averages 57.11 after 35 Tests, which is still offensive, but not as offensive as hearing the general public give opinions on something, which is the astounding level of offensiveness his batting average was approaching before.

His recent innings against South Africa have been 0, 8, 0, 2, 30, 45 not out, 4 and 0.

Is Mike Hussey ‘all that’? No. Mike Hussey is only ‘part of that’.

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9 Appeals

  1. He may be a batsman to you O king – but he is a master juggler to me forever marked out by Uncle Jrod’s brilliance:

  2. Just watch the England bowling attack help him “recover” at least some of that offesive average.

    I’ve never found his batting offensive per se. It is the stupid monicker “Mr Cricket” for one of the many people who lives, breathes and does cricket for a living that has always really got up my nose.

  3. I always thought “Mr Hussey” would be more appropriate.

  4. YOU’RE statistically aberrant and abhorrent


  5. No, you are.

  6. No, your mum is.

  7. King Cricket

    March 4, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    That’s an interesting gambit in the ‘no, you are’ battle of wits.

  8. It doesn’t, however, stand up to the ultimate retort: A quick, succinct “fuck you”.
    I believe WIlde and the Bard were big fans….

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