What of tours to Pakistan after attack on Sri Lanka team bus?

Our initial reaction was to worry that one of the Sri Lankan cricketers had been killed, as if their lives were somehow more important than the lives of the policemen who were escorting them. Such is the way of thinking after something like this.

We’ve always felt that cricketers were being just a little bit precious not touring Pakistan. Sadly, their fears appear to have been justified. You worry what the long-term effects will be, not just in terms of touring Pakistan, but in terms of touring any country that’s had a history of violence – and let’s be honest, that’s a good deal of the cricket world.

Nothing was ever resolved by creating divisions and the more the world is fragmented, the worse off we all are. The Sri Lankan cricket team were bravely leading the way in touring Pakistan, indirectly making a statement that the country wasn’t a no-go zone. This is the thanks they get.

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  1. Strewth. I’m appalled, saddened, and utterly shocked.

  2. India and Sri Lanka – All the same. They got banged out. Pussies.

  3. Never going to happen. Not in a good 10yrs, anyway.

    If they play, it’ll be as a nomadic team.

  4. This is awful. I don’t know what else to say.

  5. this is very unfortunate and may be an end of international cric in Pak…

  6. Well I gotta say the Pakistanis have really fucked up here, not being able to ensure the safety of the only team that was willing to play there. Really stupid.

  7. e normous, let’s not forget that some Pakistanis died while protecting the team.

  8. may be they fired at sri lankans( pakisthan team was lucky to not to depart on time) for playing boring cricket? another drab draw was on the cards,no? 🙂 do u think thats reason enough ppl?

  9. King Cricket

    March 3, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Not sure the old smiley face is too well judged there Sanjiv.

    As a rule of thumb, steer clear of emoticons where human lives have been lost.

  10. ^ miriam – no, the point is the security provided was nowhere near what it should have been. It just amazes (and scares) me that they could let this happen.

  11. Scary, I think, is the right word.

    I really hope this isn’t the end of international cricket in Pakistan, but who would want to tour now? Especially when cricketers appear to have been specifically targeted.

  12. I guess the terrorists were pissed with the Sri Lankans hitting so many centuries.

    Jokes apart Pakistan had a terrible security arrangement for the Sri Lanksn team in these violent times.

    * No bullet proof glass on the bus! The players should thank the driver who drove them out of the rain of bullets.

    * No commandos protecting the motorcade. How did they know the route? which usually should be secret.

    * All 12 terrorists escaped. Nobody even bothered suspecting anything as they came by rickshaw with their rocket launchers and AK 47s. And nobody even dared to grab anyone of them.

    * The police with arms was killed and the terrorists with arms walked away unhurt.

    And who would shoot on cricketers?

  13. my apologies King cricket. no malice intended. Stupidity of terrorists involved is beyond comprehension.maybe this incident might prove to be a watershed event with regard to whoever behind this attack losing whatever support they had amongst-for lack of better word- masses in pakistan.the assumption being most pakistanis are dying( pun sincerely unintended) to see any form of cricket being played in their country.

  14. this incident could not have come at a worse time for Pakistan since the country is already struggling with their international image

  15. I sincerely hope that sanity returns soon and international cricket returns to Pakistan.They are a great cricketing nation.
    I wish politics and religion would keep out of this noble game.

  16. Bit of a late comment, but I’ve just seen a picture of Simon Taufel without his umpires’ hat. He loos…weird.


  17. I think e normous and Rezwan make excellent points.

    The cricketers and officials were promised ‘presidential’ style security. I hope they take better care of their president than that!

    Musharraf has even spoken up and said any ‘elite’ force should have been able to shoot the attackers dead within 3 seconds.

  18. Having seen some pictures of the “elite” police and their vehicles, it looks more as though they were some sort of elite security team. The kind that checks on your office every so often and is highly trained in the art of running away if they see anything suspicious.

    Top marks to the normal policemen who seemed to have had the stomach (but not, sadly, the armament) for a fight.

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