Mike Hussey: statistically aberrant and statistically abhorrent

What? You didn’t think we’d come up with something like that and only use it the once. No way. Statistically aberrant and statistically abhorrent – it’s got a rhythm to it AND it makes sense. At least it does so far. When you’ve read it for the 500th time, all meaning will have long since evaporated.

Statistically aberrant and statist- nah, it's too longMike Hussey’s on 101 not out against Sri Lanka, which means he’s currently averaging 87.19 in Test cricket. Incidentally, that average isn’t ‘Bradmanesque’ as so many people seem to be saying, because it’s 12 runs below The Don’s mark. In terms of batting average, 12 runs can be the difference between being an all-time great and getting dropped.

We’re thinking of the difference between 38 and 50 there, obviously, but it’s still a mark of just how good The Don was, as if we need it spelling out any clearer.

Anyway, Mike Hussey’s in no danger of getting dropped. There’s a few not outs and the majority of matches have been at home, but the fact is that he’s scored 1,831 runs in 28 innings, hitting seven hundreds and eight fifties. Could you do that?

Will anyone ever start a Test career as successfully as Mike Hussey has? Er, well maybe Phil Jaques will. He hit 150 to keep his Brisbane hundred company.

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9 Appeals

  1. Speaking of abhorrent, what on earth is that thing Hussey’s cultivating under his nose? I suppose that’s one thing we can take comfort in – the Aussies may be the best cricketers in the world, but when it comes to facial hair, they can do no better than teenage bum fluff. Ponting’s most recent effort is particularly shocking.

  2. It’s for Movember..

    It’s a charity thing, where men grow bangers for November.


    Poor lad, looks like Gary Neville, with his bushy tash…

  3. I know, Mahinda, I know.

    Oh, why couldn’t Phil Jaques be a bit rubbish?

  4. King Cricket

    November 16, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    He did have the option of playing for England, now that you mention it.

  5. Wait until David Hussey gets into the team.

  6. I’m not watching this test any more, it’s too depressing. Even saying that it’s alright because Australia’s best players are all really old doesn’t work any more.

    I think I’ll watch Dale Steyn and Makhaya Ntini tear the Kiwis to pieces instead. Steyn fractured Craig Cumming’s cheekbone today – this is proper fast bowling.

  7. Cummings really made a nice mess of that hook shot didn’t he.

    I think i replayed it 22 times.

  8. You’re not the only one who finds the Hussey situation scary. Never mind it’s not Bradmanesque, it’s closer to Bradman than mere mortals like Headley, Sobers, Hammond etc, and that’s just plain wrong.


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