Australia opt not to deviate from the template

How is he when it's 112-5? Irrelevant really.Australia bat first and all but remove any chance of a Sri Lankan win by the end of the first day. On the second day they drive home their advantage before declaring at about 550 allowing them a few overs at the Sri Lankan openers.

That was the first Test and it’s also been the second Test too. If it ain’t broke…

This is all getting a little bit boring. We don’t blame Australia though. You can’t blame a team for being better than everyone else and making the game too predictable – you blame everyone else for not being as good.

Hands up everyone who thought Lasith Malinga would have made a big difference in the first Test as well. We certainly did. You can’t say for definite, but it really doesn’t look like it would have mattered a great deal.

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4 Appeals

  1. I’m glad I didn’t make any outrageous comments along the lines of Malinga taking ten wickets in the match.


  2. I fully intend to blame Australia. I’m starting a campaign to ban them from international cricket until they’re of a similar standard to everyone else.

    I don’t pay my sky sports subscription to see Andrew sodding Symonds looking smug.

  3. I’m continuing my campaign of ignoring this test because it’s boring and one-sided.

    Jacques Kallis hit a century today. Yes, that’s right, another one. I bet he’s actually Australian but hasn’t told anyone.

  4. Jacques kallis is an alien.

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