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Ajmal Shahzad enters a completely different world

Renouncing flat Yorkshire vowels in favour of flat Lancashire ones

Ajmal Shahzad has shacked up with Lancashire following the barney with Yorkshire which led to him sleeping in the box room. Welcome to the civilised world that lies on the correct side of the Pennines, Ajmal. Leave your thermal underwear behind, but bring a light waterproof.

The move makes a lot of sense. Not because Shahzad is the kind of player Lancashire need. Far from it. It makes sense because he is exactly the kind of player they like. Glen Chapple, Tom Smith, Kyle Hogg, Steven Croft and Luke Procter all lie somewhere on the batsman-who-bowls-seam to seamer-who-bats spectrum. In fact, we’d probably put Saj Mahmood on there as well these days. Judging by his batting progress and bowling water-treading, he’s spending most of his practice time at the wrong end of the net.

So why add Ajmal Shahzad to the mix? Well, if you look at the county cricket fixture list, you can never have too many pace bowlers in your squad. Also, it will irritate Yorkshiremen. To be honest, that’s reason enough.

Why is Ajmal Shahzad leaving Yorkshire?

Ajmal Shahzad bowling - old ball just out of shot

Who knows? It’s Yorkshire. The only thing that can be stated with any certainty is that the decison will have been made by someone muttering: “All right, well ruddy sod yer then.”

Our guess is that Ajmal Shahzad has never felt too loved by his county. England always seemed to hold him in higher regard, which is weird. He rarely got the new ball for Yorkshire and it might be significant that his sudden departure comes shortly after it was announced that Mitchell Starc would be arriving at Headingley.

It’s hard when your employer doesn’t value what you consider to be your strongest skills. If you think you’re really getting the hang of staring at the wall and the company then goes and hires a foreign wall-starer, you’ll naturally feel pretty unappreciated. We think this is basically what’s happened to Ajmal Shahzad.

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