Thailand are playing in the T20 World Cup this week

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Have you ever been to Thailand? Thailand’s great. We had garlic prawns on an island called Ko Jum and it was pretty much a 50-50 ratio of those two main ingredients. We did some other stuff too, but that’s the first thing we remember. Top work on the garlic prawns, Thailand.

There are 10 teams in the T20 World Cup, which starts tomorrow, and Thailand are one of them. The general feeling is that they probably will not win a match and so obviously the main thing we want to happen during the tournament is for them to win a match.

Thailand’s first game is against the Windies first thing Saturday morning UK time. They then play England next Wednesday (4am UK time, so might give that one a miss unless one of the kids takes it upon themselves to be a nocturnal knobhead.)

We were particularly taken with the story of Nattaya Boochatham, who like so many people before her took to cricket after watching Andrew Flintoff in the 2005 Ashes.

You can see her story within an okay three-part video the ICC’s done called ‘The Thailand Story’. (It’s not a patch on The New Zealand Story on the Amiga. “Press fire to play.”)

You can find part one below or through the link if you’re reading the email. Here’s part two and part three.


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  1. It would be a good thing if we saw several representative cricket teams from Thailand…

    …yes, that’s right…

    …what we need is…more Thais.

    My favourite Thai adventure is the time Daisy and I jumped the border from Laos into Thailand:

    (And for those still interested in the preceding left-hand/right-hand piece, I think I led my fence-climbing with the left arm & left leg. Challenging activity either way for me, even 20 years ago.)

      1. I simply refuse to believe that posting was 10 years ago.

        We live in the era of fake news.

        I suspect that you have changed the date on the piece, along with the date/time stamp on all of those comments, just to try and flood the zone with shit.

        This place is becoming like Fox News on steroids. I’m not being offered adverts for Asian Brides any more, as I was 10 years ago…

        …I mean…far more recently than 10 years ago…

        …now the Asian Babes ARE the story.

        I’m starting to feel like a relic of a bygone era. I should go and lie down – it’s way past my bed time.

      2. Fox News on steroids is surely just Fox News. We assumed they were all suffering from ‘roid rage.

    1. That definitely makes you leftie Unless you are a right eye dominant

      In my case my right hand, legs & eye are so dominant that whenever little time I get to practice batting/bowling I do it as left hand bat/bowler so that my left side also gets some exercise & left side of the body doesn’t become too lazy

      1. I was once described as an arch-leftie in a students’ union gossip column but that phrase was edited out of the published article:

        On the physical lefty-righty question, William Maltby, a real tennis ace who knows a thing or two, believes that the activity that really determines the matter is the question of which hand one naturally uses for tooth-brushing. On that score, I am indeed a leftie.

  2. The New Zealand Story on the Amiga?

    Is this the genesis story behind our national (kiwi shooting lasers out of its eyes) flag?

    That is not what they taught us at school.

    1. Have we uncovered something? We’ve always wanted to uncover something. Our brand of journalism seems to involve incredibly little uncovering of things.

    1. Amazing

      It seems too good to be true that it reads like a fake news

      Straight out of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

      Anyways I’ll take thai restaurant anyday over the bland indian restaurants of USA

      1. After looking this up in wikipedia I realise that whatever Thai restaurants I ate in USA would be before this scheme was started by the Thai govt

        Now this makes me wonder

        How has this scheme impacted the taste of the food served in thai restaurants worldwide

        Has it become more bland to cater to a wider audience
        Or has it retained the spiciness

        Or has it become even more spicier as an advertisement for the unique Thai culture

  3. The Reuters report on the opening game starts with the delightful phrase “Leg-spinner Poonam Yadav bamboozled Australia…”.

    I am very much in favour of Australian cricketers being bamboozled, especially by Leg Spinners.

    I am less of a fan of the repetition of “wrong’un” in said report, particular with what some people like to call ‘scare quotes’. I suppose it is reasonable to be scared, however, if you dislike being bamboozled.

    1. Cricinfo have gone with ‘Poonam Yadav bewitches Australia to give India opening win’.

      Bewitching is OK, but bamboozling is surely better, not least because it reminds me of this, whereas bewitching just makes me think of disappointing remakes of classic TV series.

      1. Cricinfo currently have two stories about the match – one a bewitched, one a bamboozled.

  4. Still think it should be West Indies or possibly West-Indies. Windies; non-capitalisation of Indies makes me, sort of, angry, in a weird object oriented sort of way.

    Sorry, I’ll get back to what I was doing…Carry on.

  5. I thought the Thai Women did rather well today against the West Indies [it’s for you, Hoopy] Women.

    Daisy too was impressed, not least at people playing with great big smiles on their faces, although Daisy suggested towards the end of the match that the Thai Women will probably need to acquire some more power and a bit more competitive snarl if they are to become a force in cricket.

    But the Thai Women look like a banana skin waiting for an off-guard or underpowered team.

    Last time I saw Pakistan Women play they looked well below the level of the other major cricketing nations. The banana skin might be for them. 3 March.

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