Vusi Sibanda gets his myopic eye in

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We’ve never seen Vusi Sibanda before today. It’s good to see a four-eyed cricketer do well.

‘LASIK surgery? LASIK surgery THIS!’ he seemed to say, as he deadbatted another full ball. It was pretty plodding as one-day innings go, but if you’re Zimbabwe, you make your plans and you stick to them and that’s presumably what happened here.

The West Indies have one of the finest one-day batsmen in the world in Chris Gayle and one of the finest batsmen of the last decade or so in Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Zimbabwe have Tatenda Taibu, who’s actually very good and Ray Price, who’s very, er, effective, but they don’t have much else. Where’s Charles Coventry these days?

Yet Zimbabwe won. Again.

Sibanda’s dismissal was weird. Everyone knows that cricket bats are flimsy these days – like spells of happiness, they’re not meant to last – but even so, we can’t remember one snapping right across the middle before.

Kemar Roach bowled a quick yorker and suddenly Sibanda’s bat became two bats, dividing horizontally, right across the blade.


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  1. Much enjoyed the match in a horrified way – but sometimes it’s good to see a four-eyed batsman NOT do well – Rory Tory-Hobbit, Surrey Capt Elect for instance…

  2. Very enjoyable. The match, that is, not this post.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team with quite such an extreme totally-shit-self-destruct setting as the current windies side.

  3. I have to agree with Ceci’s comments on Rory H-B. I feel threatened by his upper class chiseledness so I can never like him.

    On a different note, does this game make a case for bowling more spin in ODIs? Or does it just make a case for the Windies being awful?

  4. don’t you see? this is the solution to the craptitude of modern cricket. batsmen helpless as balls break through their pansy-ass moden bats. forced to revert to old bats. hitting a boundary means something again. death of modi. death of hayden. earth rejoices.

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