Charles Coventry has an ODI world record score

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Zimbabwe’s Charles Coventry hit 194 not out against Bangladesh. Zimbabwe lost. This equals the world record individual one-day international score. How do we all feel about that?

The original 194 not out was scored by Saeed Anwar against India 12 years ago. Even in these days of tree-sized bats and four yard boundaries, Anwar’s score has still never been bettered. Does Coventry’s knock warrant equal billing though? It pushes Viv Richards and Sanath Jayasuriya down a spot in the list of top ODI scores.

It’s common for people to effectively disregard Test scores against Bangladesh, but how do you feel about ODI records? Do they count? And does it even matter? Is the game played to establish a list of records or is it played against eleven opponents for victory in that particular match?

We haven’t seen him bat, but we’re fairly certain that Charles Coventry is a worse batsman than Viv Richards and this record in no way disproves that.


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  1. Most people disregards scores or records per se against Bangladesh. As if Bangladesh is taken for granted for picking some easy runs or a handful of wickets. But is it true that everybody can do that? From the current ICC ODI Championship Batting Rankings only 5 batsmen out hundred has their career best against Bangladesh. In the list of most runs in an ODI innings out of more than 50 individual scores over 150 runs only twice have been scored against Bangladesh.

    Because of Bangladesh’s inexperience and some weaknesses some had the luck to bring on some records. Does that make them great? Or does it mean that everyone can do it on their will against Bangladesh? It all depends on the situation and the specific matches.

    Let the record speak. Gary Kirsten made 188 against UAE in 1996 whereas V. Richards made 189 against England in 1984. How do you compare those two innings. I am sure the conditions were far more different.

    Viv Richards was a 55 over game where he stood tall (170 balls) with the second highest score from WI was 26.

    And Gary Kirsten did it in 50 overs and played less balls (159) than Viv Richards. The second highest innings by a SA was Cronje’e 57. So how can we compare them?

    Coventry played 191 balls (out of 300 balls) for his 194 and the second highest from Zimbabwe was 37. He just had the luck to stay there most of the time of Zim’s innings thanks to a dead pitch (made to nullify Bangladesh’s spin attack) and the absence of Bangladesh’s injured pacers -Mashrafee & Rubel Hossain, and two dropped chances.

    If you compare it with Saeed Anwar’s Innings, he played only 146 balls for his 194 in a tense match in front of hundreds and thousands of supporters. So does the record means that Coventry equals Saeed Anwars batting talent?

    I haven’t watched the Bangladesh -Zimbabwe match. But what I read from Cricinfo is that Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal’s innings of 154 from 138 balls was more responsible one where Coventry’s was one of aggression and trying for luck.

    But nonetheless it is a feat which makes Coventry’s innings an outstanding one, because he could apply himself in the situations correctly. And it would be wrong to compare him with the great. He can also be a great player. Let him prove it with his own averages and rankings.

  2. Charles Coventry is the Usain Bolt of cricket.

    Usain Bolt is the Charles Colville of running.

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