We’re in The Wisden Cricketer!

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The Wisden Cricketer’s a proper, grown-up publication.

Look, it’s actually tangible!

Probably costs more than 'free' to manufacture

Here’s the bit where it says that it’s “the world’s no.1 cricket magazine”.

They were number three last month when we didn't feature

And here’s us!

Half a page more than Matthew Hayden got this month

No, really. Look!

They use the word 'best' near something we wrote - that's a first

And here’s Monty being conspicuously indifferent to it.

Doesn't look like food. Doesn't smell like food. Not interested.

Turning away OR closing your eyes would have been sufficient, young man. There was no need to do both.

So there you go. Proof, if it were needed, that The Wisden Cricketer is the best thing made out of paper with writing on it. They’ve even got a piece about fat cricketers this month, which we’re pretty annoyed we didn’t write.

So go out and buy a copy. Don’t let the cat talk you out of it. He’s just bitter because he hasn’t got thumbs to turn the pages with.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. That is just brilliant!!

    I haven’t opened my Wisden Cricketer yet this month because I was saving it to take to meet my sister’s new cat this weekend (I’m trying to get a picture that meets the criteria of the holy trifecta of “Animals being Conspicuously Indifferent To Cricket”, “Stuffonmycat” and “Cuteoverload”), and when I read the post I thought “YAY I can photograph the cat being indifferent to Kingcricket!”. But you’ve already gone and done it, darn you.

  2. Is the this blog amoungst “the best writing fromcyberspace”, or “the most colourful”?

    Well done.

  3. The this this the this this the the.

    I think you’ll find my comments are the best writting.

  4. Wow! That’s fantastic news! Well done.

    Look fellow bloggers, one of our kind has grown up. Cherish this moment. For this is the last time he’ll talk to the likes of us.

    *bloggers collectively stare in awe*

  5. You make me so sick it’s like I’ve eaten tramp sick and been sick. You have to shove it in our faces don’t you.


    Well, FYI I ‘m starting my own blog and it will just be about how crap your blog is. And I might blog about Rocker Ronnie too.

  6. That’s fabulous! Although, I’m with Miriam, you totally ruined a chance for StraussCat to be indifferent again.

  7. Athough, I’m not sure you’ve thought this through properly. Now you’ve been mentioned in Wisden, actual people might come along and read and have expectations of you.

    Expectation only leads to pressure and pressure only leads to misery. We know this from the England Cricket team.

  8. This is The Balls.

    (I love the juxtaposition with the “Calling junior readers” bit, too…)

  9. Good work King – but don’t let him hog all the glory…. Any blog or blogger can be nominated… Knock him down to size – email Wisden (The Atheist’s blu-tacks highlights have already been sent in – genius).

  10. If all you guys are happy just writing for fun, then none of what follows applies but for those of you who have ambitions of writing for a living, consider this:

    I understand the magazine doesn’t pay anyone for these contributions. In other words, it’s filled a page on the back of your labours and it hasn’t cost the publishers a cent.

    If some of you are wondering why it’s so hard to get decent freelance writing gigs these days, you might like to bear this in mind. Do you think TWC gets its electricity for free in return for giving the power company a name-check?

  11. Fair point Jeffrey, but there’s also a case that the article amounts to free advertising for King Cricket.

  12. There is indeed and if that outweighs my concern in your eyes then you’re right to go with it. I just wanted to alert people to the fact that you give companies an inch and they’ll happily take a yard.

    Personally, I’m delighted to see good bloggers get exposure; it’s a sign that you’re making your mark. Just don’t let them rip you off, that’s all.

  13. He’s not being conspicuously indifferent, he’s having to turn away from the blinding glory of it all, so as to save his caty night vision.

  14. Good Morning Everyone,

    My name is Joanne Budd and I am writing, on behalf of the Fundraising Committee for Frindsbury Cricket Club, and, in the hope that King Cricket fans could help us with the following initiative:

    Frindsbury Cricket Club is a small, local league, club with a flourishing colts section, unfortunately vandals broke into our lock-up earlier this year and set fire to everything in it. Although we are insured for some of the equipment – it does not cover the costs of replacing most of it and there is also the hefty excess to pay too. The Fundraising Committee (myself as Chair – although I am more of a comfy sofa I think!) have organised a weekend of fundraising at the end of May and one of our ideas is to have a Silent Auction for cricket related items and collectables. We have recently received a PCA 2007 County Captains signed print, a Matthew Hoggard signed mini-bat, a Hampshire C.C. team-signed shirt and 4 tickets to a Kent League Match – but would really welcome anything your company could find to send us too. All donations will be so gratefully received and assist us in reaching our target of £1,000.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

    Kindest regards
    Joanne Budd
    Chair – Fundraising Committee
    Frindsbury Cricket Club
    c/o 25 Weavering Close
    KENT ME2 4RQ

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