West Indies v England at Sabina Park match report

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668 Neighbour of the Beast writes:

Me and my friend opted for the cheap seats. They were only twice as expensive as a cider at the Oval.

As a new travelling supporter, I took an England flag newly purchased from the Notting Hill Housing Trust charity shop. We sat near some seasoned travelling England fans from Essex, also with flag. I was exposed as a novice straight away through lack of string.

We enjoyed a full day in the sun so much we opted for cheap seats from then on and met plenty of Jamaican cricket fans and lots of refugees from the shady stand in search of atmosphere away from English fan tour groups. I have found out that this end of the ground is called the Blue Mountains End, which makes it sound nice and cool.

On day two, the Essex fans offered me a banana. The afternoon is the best time in which to consume a banana. I also tried Red Stripe. Our seats were four times as expensive as a bottle of that.

Day three was definitely a rum day so I sent my friend to get me a bottle of the stuff. She returned not with Appleton but with the 63 percent alcohol stuff – a challenge in the tropical sun. She then went to pick up our cat phobic friend from the airport.

Day four saw the three of us joined by my friend’s mother. To celebrate this event we staged ‘the coup of the day’ – not only getting a bottle of Champagne smuggled in, but having it kept chilled until needed. We toasted the resurgence of WI cricket as we had to leave the stadium before the planned uncorking time of tea.


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  1. I thought the mention of a resurgent West Indies a touch too much – but a very informative report.

    Don’t let your cat-phobic friend near this site – lots of cats.

  2. 668, I’m sorry that my absence I left you feeling under-prepared.

    Nice report. I notice that bananas are not included on the “scale of how much things cost compared with other things”. Please advise (banana vs rum, perhaps?).

  3. A fab report., although I am fretting a teensy bit about the comparative champagne/seat cost ratio. The last sentence is a masterly cloaking of tragic events

  4. What happened? What scandalous goings-on prevented you from staying ’til tea? It sounds most uncivilised.

    *refrains from making a cheap innuendo using the words ‘blue’, ‘mountains’ and ‘stand’*

  5. the friend’s mother must be quite something, if her attendance is champagne-worthy.

    i am not even going to ask how someone cat phobic can be a friend.

  6. I like Bananas! I had A Red Banana last year though, and to me this was the ultimate, nothing has come close since.

  7. I had a red onion, the other day. My girlfriend called it a Soviet Onion. And now it is talking about a red banana.

    This has so freaked me out.

  8. I owe your girlfriend a couple of quid after she bought me a red sandwich last week.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  9. A fine report, with but one small problem – surely you meant ‘my friend and I opted for the cheap seats’?

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