When did Keaton Jennings turn into Napoleon Dynamite?

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This is a rhetorical question, because even without research we know the answer is ‘during lockdown’.

Isabelle Westbury reckons Keaton Jennings has gone Gower, but that isn’t quite right, is it?

Keaton’s mane is more luxuriant than Gower’s.

The truth is that Keaton has thought to himself: ‘Girls only like guys who have great skills and also a great look.’

It’s clearly Napoleon Dynamite hair.

This is definitely what he’s going for. It’s probably the best hair he’s ever had.

You think any bowler wants a reverse sweep down to third man while he’s got that hair? Forget about it.

We don’t have time to check the footage again, but we’re fairly certain he batted in moon boots too.


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    1. The white T-shirt. The pristine pads. The single lion on the jumper. The Duncan Fearnley stumps. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  1. You know how hair grows back stronger after you shave it? This is what’s happened here.

  2. It appears to me Dan Christian needs to go the full way with his beard (like Jennings with his hairstyle) or shave the thing.
    I mean look at that pathetic grizzly beard.

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