When Freddie Became Jesus

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Jarrod Kimber from Cricket With Balls has written another book. We’ve not actually read it yet, but we feel we’re on pretty safe ground recommending it. If you’ve read his site, you know the kind of thing to expect.

The book is about the 2009 Ashes series and being as Jarrod’s Australian, it must have been pretty tough for him to spend so long writing about what was a pretty humiliating defeat for his side. We think you should buy the book on that basis alone.

Plus, it’s only seven quid in hardback, which is a bloody good deal.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I was offered either or, and I chose soft. I want my books to show appreciable wear and tear, like my writing does.

  2. Amazon have gone bonkers on this hard cover / soft cover business lately.

    IRL I have two published books out there (so far, working on number three as I write, well, not “as I write this second” you understand, but “at the moment”………………I’m not boring you am I?)

    Anyway, one of mine is a paperback and was listed as such on Amazon, now listed as a hard cover on Amazon. The other is a “firm cover” (admittedly an unusual category, but it is an unusual book) which Amazon took great pains at the time to deliberate over and conclude that “firm cover” was the appropriate description – now showing as “mass market paperback”.

    I cannot help concluding that you. jrod, have led to the utter disintegration of Amazon’s ability to distinguish cover types. This is presumably a ploy on your part to confuse the world into buying your book rather than, for example, mine.

    I can scarcely control my rage.

  3. Darn it, in my deranged clicking I somehow managed to one-click a copy of When Freddie Became Jesus and then change the delivery options to super-saver free delivery.

    Happens all the time.

  4. Ged, I just found out you can change it. So am now making the decision between “turtleback”, “foam book” and “bath book”.

  5. I hate reading in the bath – I’ll cancel my order if your book turns out to be a “bath book”.

    “Foam book” sounds fun, though, I might order extra copies for my friends if it turns out to be one of those.

    I’ll get my people on the case for my own books – thanks for the tip.

  6. We’ve gone for “Perfect Paperback” to describe the book formerly described as a “Firm Cover”.

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