Will Mohammad Yousuf returning mean it all kicks off again?

Poor Salman Butt. That’s all we can think about.

He’s trying to organise a nice tea party, even though the crockery’s jagged and serrated and keeps cutting people’s hands. The teapot’s got a hole in it and it’s dribbling boiling water over everyone.

Yet Butt’s holding it all together. He’s making do, even though every time he offers someone sugar, it’s fraught with danger. There’s blood everywhere, but no-one’s died. It’s fragile, but they’re getting by.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone drops a live grenade onto the table and tells him to use it as a saucer.

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8 Appeals

  1. “aargh” is about the only thing there is to say…

  2. ?

  3. Did he return or was he returned ?

  4. King Cricket

    August 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Interesting philosophical and semantic question.

  5. Did they request Moin khan to come back yet?
    Yousuf isn’t going to keep wickets too or is he??

  6. or have we returned to him?

  7. Bit like Humpty Dumpty really ,jumped or pushed ?
    Me thinks the later with Mr.Y.

  8. Is this the guy who had retired ‘for now’?

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