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The 2010 version of International Cricket Captain is out. It’s a good game, but pretty similar to the 2009 version really. Our ICC 2009 review should tell you everything you need to know if you’ve never played the game before.

Other than that, we want to voice a gripe. To be clear, this is borne of playing this game for many, many hours, so it’s not a diss. Our gripe is with the micromanagement.

It feels a bit like two different games. There’s the side of it where you’re signing and training the players, managing the club and selecting the team. Then there’s the side of the game where you’re telling the bowlers where to bowl and setting the field.

We like the first part. We don’t like telling Steven Finn to bowl short and straight for two different batsmen every single time he comes on to bowl. It gets boring. Nor can we bothered changing the field by the time we get to 2015 – but we STILL want to see whether our young fast-bowling all-rounder is going to turn into Garry Sobers or not and we endure endless matches, going through the motions with our match orders in order to find out.

Is this a review? Not really, but we feel a bit better now.

Buy ICC 2010 here or download the free two-day trial.


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  1. I wasted days playing the 2008 edition. Michael Munday, of Somerset fame ended up taking over 1200 wickets at 21 for me. I very realistic simulation I feel. He still wasn’t deemed good enough to be picked for England, which was good.

  2. Michael Munday, leg spinner. Takes wickets for fun on that game. I ended up picking him for England when I got to be in charge of them. He got whacked all over the place by the Aussies so I dropped him.

    True story.

  3. i have been playing ICC 09, and i have come to 2013 in wait of another edition where there will b IPL….


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