International Cricket Captain 2010 free download

International Cricket Captain 2010 is now available for download. You get a two-day free trial. Or you could just buy it from Amazon.

A spectacularly aggressive field with the score at 76 for 7

For the cheapskatey among you – which is pretty much all of you – you can get last year’s version for under £6. The 2009 version has the added benefit that you can’t choose to play as an Australian domestic team. International Cricket Captain isn’t about choosing from loads of LS and RF bowlers. It’s about wondering how best to combine your RFMs and your RMFs.

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33 Appeals

  1. RFMs and RMFs? Is that Right Fast Medium and Right Medium Fast? No, it can’t be. I am missing something.

  2. The RMF’s annoy me a great deal. They always have astounding domestic records, but when I pick them for the national side I can never get them to do well. The RF’s usually do, ditto the LS’s.

  3. King Cricket

    June 14, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    You’re not wrong, Deep Cower.

  4. When I was growing up, there were fast bowlers like Ambrose and slow bowlers like Mudassar Nassar.

    Those were simple times.

  5. It was bad enough when I got called a cheap skatey.

    I think a RFM has to bowl most of his balls faster than a RMF unless he is Kallis

  6. i am playing this game from last five years.this is a wonderful game.

  7. i am playing the game very much.

  8. i thanks to this web owner i bought best game

  9. When I download the game and try the free trial, windows says the game is not working correctly and closes on me, an idea why?

  10. King Cricket

    December 19, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Sorry, no. You could try emailing the manufacturers. Let them know your operating system etc as well to give them more to go off.

  11. manish kumar roy

    December 22, 2010 at 6:46 am

    i love cricket from my heart. please give me a chance to play

  12. i like the game very much please give me the licence code or order ID to make it full version

  13. i want to download international cricket 2010

  14. i love cricket game

  15. I want To Download The game Plz!!!!

  16. I want to download international cricket game

  17. I Love this game very much.The country part is outstanding. Please give the game free with ipl verson.

  18. Answer me

  19. I like cricket too much, I love cricket, I speechless about cricket, cricket is my passion.

  20. i like these game nd want 2 be a cricketer

  21. i want to download this amazing game.

  22. As of April 21st Childish things (Chris’s site for selling this game) is down with the warning “Bandwidth Exceeded” – This is normally a sign of a denial of service attack – though why someone should do this to him I have no idea.

  23. i want to down load the inter national cricket game

  24. dear I m giving u suggestion about international cricket captain in upcoming versions plz introduce IPL in it also this will succeed very much I believe.

  25. I am the best crickerter and no one can beat me

  26. how could i download this game ..!!

  27. how could i download free somebody can tell me?…please!

  28. i want International Cricket Captain 2010 order id and licence

  29. hey plz tell me the license id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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