James Anderson can’t be arsed with Australia ODIs either

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He doesn’t say that explicitly, but that’s the gist.

“It would be a perfect time to be playing for our counties in the Twenty20 competition, especially while the two overseas players are involved, but it’s out of our hands and we have five one-dayers against Australia to try and cope with.”

If James Anderson doesn’t think England should be playing five one-day internationals (ODIs) against Australia when he actually needs a few matches to reestablish himself in the first eleven, then that’s not a good sign.

He also seems to agree with our Wisden Cricketer piece about how cricket followers’ focus shifts given half a chance by the fixture list.

We’re trying to work out whether we’re more bothered about the Twenty20 Cup or the Australia ODIs. It’s pretty even and considering one of those involves England’s greatest rivalry, that’s actually something of an indictment of the international fixtures. If the England players were in the Twenty20 Cup, that might even tip the balance in its favour.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Looks like he wants to do well for Lancy in the T20 so that he picks up an IPL contract.

  2. I wish he was playing for ManchesterandLiverpoolshire. I’m going to the Notts v Lancs game tonight.

    Oh well. Amir Khans slightly less talented cousin will have to suffice.

  3. We’d reckon that good performances in ODIs v Australia would be worth more than 2-20 v Derbyshire.

    Bowlers rarely have eye-catching performances in any level of Twenty20. Royal Challengers Bangalore will be paying more attention to the Australia series, we’d wager.

  4. I agree with your Wisden Cricketer article about the IPL being an event. There’s one other thing though. Is it possible ever to be excited, enthused or animated about a competition named after an insurance company? Just the name is surely enough to put almost all possible fans off. The Friends Provident Twen…. zzzzzzzz, eh, oh, where was I? Oh yes, fish with bones in. Can’t stand it.

  5. Has James Anderson shown interest in taking part in the IPL? I heard Broad is rather dismissive of the concept. Anderson would be a valuable addition to any competition, though. Some team can pick him up just to spite Mumbai, what with his ability to pick up Sachin’s wicket at will.

  6. Anyway, I’ve got a bone to pick with you and the Cricinfo headline writers. This article made me go and look at over there to see what all the fuss was about, and that has horrifically rekindled memories of Scott and Charlene’s wedding. Ughhh.

  7. I didn’t even find anything about Scott and Charlene, I guessless is good. i think England should follow the American form of cricket, basebal, and not play any Internationals at all, damn the colonies.

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