Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel add chilli, thyme and allspice

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Dale Steyn aims two hands at oneAny sign that fast bowling’s back in fashion is good, but does the victim have to be the West Indies? Dale Steyn took 5-29 and Morne Morkel took 4-19. Great stuff, but you feel bad for who’s on the receiving end.

It’s like eating lamb. It’s delicious, but it’s best to tuck in without thinking about the woolly people who have lost their lives so that you might enjoy your barbecue.

Why can’t fish be tastier? Fish are the vegetables of the sea. Eating fish doesn’t lead to much guilt despite the fact that we feel guilty for pretty much everything. Sometimes we feel guilty for nothing. We’ll just wake up with a sense of guilt hanging over us and resign ourself to enduring it for the rest of the day. Those are good days. The feeling distracts us from our default feeling of worthlessness.


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  1. under the seeeeeea
    underrrrr the seaaaaaaa
    there’ll be no accusations
    only friendly crustaceans
    underrrr the seaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Fish is very tasty IMHO.

    And if fish are the vegetables of the sea, where does that leave seaweed?

    And surely great spells of fast bowling are like eating raw meat – the barbeque is an utterly superfluous interlude, like, for example, a few overs of Roger Harper when you could just blast the whole lot away twice with Holding, Marshall, Garner and Daniels.

  3. I don’t know about lamb or fish O king, but from the Eeyore tone of your musings you need some cheering food. Chick peas do the trick apparently, as does chocolate. Combine them and you’re laughing

  4. Many fish are overly fiddly and you have to spend half an hour picking bones out to get a decent mouthful.

    Fish is no lamb.

  5. I’ve also always had the wooly people guilt when it came to eating lamb. I really like it, but then I’d be driving past a field of lambs and feel very guilty as they really are very sweet.

    I told this to a mate of mine who’s husband is a farmer and she assured me that by the time lambs are slaughtered, they are pretty much fully grown, ugly sheep.

    I now have the same level of guilt when eating lamb as I do beef and chicken.

    Very little.

  6. No bones in sushi Bobby K, because it is rice, cooked and vinegared, and sometimes topped with other items, including fish or seafood. I presume you meant to refer to sashimi.

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