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Morne Morkel - refuses to let gigantism ruin his lifeWho needs spinners when you’ve got bowlers like Morne Morkel? Pace, bounce, seam, swing, accuracy and stamina. It’s a quick bowling full house. England need a five-man attack to cover all those bases.

Can he stay free from injury? Will he bowl well in tighter matches than these? Probably – but that’s based on nothing more than post-10-wicket-defeat English pessimism.

Actually, we’re not upset at all. We’re quite content. We like fast bowlers. We like bowlers who get the better of the world’s pudgy, complacent batsmen and we also like people whose names rhyme with ‘snorkel’. Another full house.

England v South Africa second Test at Headingley, day four
England 203 all out (Morne Morkel 4-52, Dale Steyn 4-76)
South Africa 522 all out (A B de Villiers 174, Ashwell Prince 149, Monty Panesar 3-65, James Anderson 3-136)
England 327 all out (Stuart Broad 67 not out, Alastair Cook 60, Morne Morkel 3-61, Dale Steyn 3-97)
South Africa 9-0
South Africa win and lead the series 1-0


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  1. Snorkel: That’s the word the drunken spectators behind me on Saturday were trying to find.

    I also like Morne Morkel because he’s so huge that hecklers only heckle him very very quietly, in case he should hear and want to discuss it with them.

  2. i would just like to say that morne morkel is an outstanding cricket player and that he is totaly HOT!!
    i am a huge fan of mr morkel and my dream is to meet him face o face.

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