Can Steyn, Ntini and Morkel prey on mental frailties?

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Makhaya NtiniWe only ask because if they get good at it and develop a taste for it, they’re touring England in the summer. England’s batting line-up is currently supporting the entire sports psychology higher education programme in this country.

South African coach, Mickey Arthur, says that Steyn, Ntini and Morkel are going to persist in trying to keep India’s batsmen out of their comfort zones.

India have traditionally used a comfort zone to relax their players prior to every Test match. It’s a certain section of their hotel where the carpets have all been replaced by duvets and the players are offered a selection of velour tracksuits or pyjamas.

Steyn, Ntini and Morkel have hit upon a number of tactics to keep the Indian batsmen out of this haven. Morne Morkel has managed to get hold of a few rolls of police tape, which he’s going to put across the door as if there’s been some sort of crime within.

Makhaya Ntini is going to try and lure the Indians elsewhere by phoning them pretending to be their agents. He’s going to tell them that there’s a special IPL ‘double your money’ competition for all the players involved and all they have to do is be the first to complete a treasure hunt that he himself has put in place.

Finally and most deviously, Dale Steyn has managed to get a job on the front desk of India’s team hotel. Whenever anyone asks him the whereabouts of the comfort zone, he’s instead going to direct them towards the ‘misery zone’ where everyone has to queue up to watch various mobile phone adverts, before a dedicated professional has some one-to-one time explaining what each product says about its owner.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be more miserable to watch highlights of the second Test? Or even highlights of Hayden batting? I’d prefer mobile phone adverts to these.

    And aren’t there many other zones in cricket, KC? You seem to have inside track – red zone (everyone is angry); hitting zone (big, inflatable bats to bash naughty cricketers over the head)

    Top stuff again, KC.

  2. Most famously there’s ‘The Zone’. As in: “Pietersen was in The Zone”.

    This is a place where you get to bat against terrible bowlers and convince yourself that you’re as good as Bradman was, as far as we can tell.

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