You can get live TV coverage of both New Zealand v England Tests for £20

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A quick reminder that the first Test between New Zealand and England starts on Wednesday at 10pm UK time. Don’t be fooled by the November 21 start date. Time zones innit.

The second (and final) Test starts on November 28, UK time.

If you want to stay up late and watch the series, the cheapest way to do so is by getting a couple of weeks of Sky Sports through Now TV.

Sky do a one-hour highlights show too. They repeat it again and again the following day, separating each showing with that day’s edition of their debate show (which is imaginatively titled The Debate).

On Thursday, for example, the highlights show is on at 6pm and again at 7.45pm (and a whole bunch of times during the daytime as well).

A Sky Sports Week Pass costs £14.99, so you could either get one of those for each Test or buy a Month Pass for £33.99. The Month Pass auto-renews unless you cancel it. The Week Pass doesn’t.

(Update: the Month Pass has just gone down to £20 for Black Friday and as far as we can make out, it looks like it’ll stay at £20 a month until May. This means that one month (£20) will get you the New Zealand Tests and two months (£40) will get you the New Zealand Tests plus the first three South Africa Tests (£40). You’d then need to get either a third month or a Week Pass to catch the fourth and final Test v South Africa.)

You can get Now TV passes here.

(Update: We’ve just been told that you can also get a free month of Sky Sports if you buy a Now TV smart stick for £20.)

Don’t be tempted by the Mobile Pass, by the way. That doesn’t include Sky Cricket. (Somewhat confusingly, you can watch Sky Cricket on your phone using the other passes.)

Here’s a whole big thing about the pros and cons of watching cricket using Now TV.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


      1. Currys/PC World are now matching the price as well (here), and also look to be selling Now TV weekly passes for £10.

        I’m sure there are plenty more offers likely to be popping up in the next week or so, although that may be too late for the 1st Test.

      2. Makes complete sense that you can buy a tangible version of the thing, complete with all the packaging, through a third party, for less than the thing costs buying directly and digitally.

  1. It all seems so convoluted and excessively complex for what should be a simple thing.

    Remember the good old days, when the procurement of goods and services was a doddle?

    Getting test cricket on TV really should be as easy as buying and delivering a box of chocolates to a lady used to be.

    1. We’re still waiting for the ‘subscribe to Sky Cricket only’ option which will make life (and writing these things) so much easier.

  2. If you get a Now TV pass then threaten to cancel it, they may offer you a good deal to tempt you to continue, like mobile phone companies do. We got a three month pass (June to September) for the World Cup and Ashes, then when my sister told them she wanted to stop the auto-renew, she got another 4 months for £20.
    Was a lot easier when it was just Tony Lewis on BBC 2.

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