England v New Zealand: it’s been…

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Nineteen opportunities contemptuously urinated on…of a lengthy duration.

We’re not the kind of cricket site that’s ashamed when we completely overlook an England one-day international and the nineteenth match in a row between England and New Zealand was no time to adopt professionalism.

When England were in New Zealand, they won the Tests and lost the one-dayers. When New Zealand came to England the results were the same.

It’s almost as if the two sides didn’t use their two-week, between-series break to massively improve themselves.

Boo to back-to-back series. Boo.

And boo to back-to-back Tests as well, while we’re at it. A silent boo, in fact.


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  1. um, isn’t that a pic of Shane Bond? ex-Black Caps? The series hasn’t been THAT long…

    It’s okay King, you’re in no danger of becoming too professional

  2. We just meant that in 19 matches it would have been nice to have seen him at least once.

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