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A chorus of frigging angels probably

Friday is a very special day. Friday is a very, very special day. Friday is the day when Rob Key represents England in the World Cup.

At this point in time, we’re not even considering the slight possibility that he might not play. If he doesn’t play in the warm-up tomorrow, we might start to get a bit worried, but as it stands, we’re primed and ready for action – Rob’s action.

Of course, a great moment like this needs to be marked in some way and oh how we are going to mark it. We have decided that Rob Key playing for England in the World Cup is reason enough to unleash THE GREATEST UPDATE IN INTERNET HISTORY.

Those upper case letters are not misleading. When you see Friday’s update you will DEFINITELY cry, you will PROBABLY crap yourself through emotion and you will POSSIBLY live six years longer having seen it.

Friday’s update will appear at midday sharp, long before the match starts so that it doesn’t distract anyone. Be here at 11.55am, manically hammering F5 so that you see it as soon as it’s unleashed.

Today’s picture, as so often, was kindly supplied by Ceci.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I see from toady’s warm-up match that England has decided to address the accusation made by 20/20 fans that test cricket is not as interesting, by making 20/20 indescribably dull. How bad was that?

  2. “Toady’ s match” Bert? Still – it would have been marginally more exciting if played by toads. KP would of course be a fabulous Mr Toad – with Luke Wright for busy Ratty?

  3. Great picture, Ceci, by the way. Just one teeny criticism. Next time you do a picture with dancing girls in it, do you think you could find some that look a little bit less like my mum.

  4. Bert, did your mum always dress like that? I bet it was embarrassing when your mates came ’round.

    Hey up Mrs Bert, is your Bert playing out today?

  5. Fortunately, Ed, my mum never dressed like that. I am just disappointed with the missed opportunity in this picture. Maybe King’s “new-look website” will have some better looking dancing girls on the front page. I hope so. I’ll be bashing F5 as hard as I can if it is.

    To be fair to Ceci, though, I suspect that her picture is perfectly accurate in terms of Rob Key groupies (middle-aged women and camply dressed men).

  6. Camply dress this! (Not really sure what that means, but it sounds like a threat.)

    It is not a new look website. It’s a one-off article.

    We now realise that our repeated use of the word ‘update’ may have misled people.

  7. I once found myself in the presence of Rob Key and his groupies. They looked nought like those in the picture; they were much lither. So intimidated was I by his bevy of beauties that I didn’t take the chance to go and introduce myself to Rob, hero of mine though he is. I had to make to with shaking Shane Warne’s much inferior, leathery “hand” and talking to John Crawley.

  8. String, you forgot to mention that he was necking a pint of Stella at the time.

    And you werent intimidate by the bevy of beauties, you were intimidated by the aura of the great man.

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