Great IPL commentary from Danny Morrison

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Delhi Daredevils’ Dinesh Karthik had just been stumped by his Mumbai Indians counterpart, Aditya Tare.

Harbhajan Singh had bowled a wide, but Tare had gone down the legside and flicked it behind him to hit the stumps. It was a brilliant piece of work, deserving of lofty praise.

On commentary, Danny Morrison went with:

“Another Citi Moment of Success. Here. On a Wednesday.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Such poetic and mellifluous articulation, we are copiously blessed to hear such a true celebration of language and aphorisms.

  2. “Another Citi Moment of Success. Here. On a Wednesday…”


    “…and there’s no run”!


  3. Hahaha Bert. That is priceless.

    In other news, as a Mumbai supporter, I have not yet found the team to hate. I am trying to decide between Delhi, Punjab and Banglore. Any suggestions?

  4. Who is he? Why is he allowed to drivel on? Why can none of them draw a silent breath? And why do Ian Bishop and Pommie talk in that horrible high pitched monotone? Pommie speaks and sings beautifully…a terrifying change is wrought on so many by microphones. And another thing… those bloody fake trumpets are on my rage frequency.

    I must concentrate on how amazing it is to be watching it on TV for no extra cost. I must not rant. I must not rant.

  5. Just read the article about IPL and other cricket commentary in Cricinfo from 17/3/2010. Says it even better than we did.

    1. Hi Guys … what the hell is Ravi Shastri doing in the commentary Box… A highly overated commentator and player.. A wicket falls every time he opens his mouth… much better commentators like Danny Morrison … Shastri must make way for younger commentators … he has been blabbing nonsense with same stlye & wordings since long.. Ravi Shastri Hai Hai

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